Smart Chart AIS is a product of Technology Systems, Inc. and is provided free of charge to enhance the safety and security of our waterways. The Smart Chart AIS concept was developed when TSI responded to a Department of Homeland Security request for ways to improve waterway safety and security. We looked at the boating community and realized that most boaters own smart phones, and that these could be used to provide tracking similar to AIS. From this initial idea the Smart Chart AIS concept was developed, wherein we provide lots of great resources free of charge, in exchange for users participating in this new form of AIS. Our intent is to eventually place the Smart Chart AIS protocols in the public domain, and to enable all manufacturers, boaters, and other maritime interests to be better informed about what's around them, resulting in enhanced safety for all.

Smart Chart AIS's development has been supported by the US Department of Homeland Security under the Small Business Innovation and Research Program, Contract #D12PC00364.