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Texas poker brief info

Today, Hold’em Texas poker is the most famous and most popular form of poker that you can play online or enjoy it at the land-based gambling establishments. As with most poker games, in Texas Hold’em the standard 52-card deck of cards that are shuffled before each dealing is used. Below we will talk about how to play poker Texas Holdem online. We have also prepared for you a list of the online casinos with free online games no downloads.

Texas Holdem poker rules

In Texas Hold’em, each player receives only two cards at the beginning of the game. And the rest of the cards that are needed to make poker combinations are laid out later, common for all players. There are five open cards on the table in total. Each active player has two more cards. But despite the fact that the player has seven cards, he must make a combination of only five.

Game process:

  • Before the start of the dealing, the player, or players sitting in the first and second positions after the dealer (indicated by a special button), make blinds. Then, each of the players receives two cards face down. Then the first round of trading opens. After all the participants have made a decision, having equalized the bets, or thrown the cards into the fold, three cards are dealt face-up on the table, called the flop. These are common cards for all players.
  • The second round of Texas poker betting begins with the player sitting behind the button, at the conclusion of the round of betting, when everyone has equalized or passed, the next community card, the turn, is revealed. Again the betting round, the fifth, last card up, the river, the last round of betting, and the showdown. The five community cards on the table are called the board.
  • Showdown is the process of determining the winner of a hand. The highest poker hand wins the pot. Next, according to the Texas Holdem rules, the button moves to the next place clockwise, players make the blinds, and the next card dealing begins.

Where I can play Texas poker?

Here we will talk about where you can play poker online.

  1. 888 poker. 888 is one of the most well-known online casinos. The casino pleases visitors with high RTP, high-quality games, and generous welcome bonuses.
  2. CG Poker is the next place where gamblers can enjoy Texas poker. This casino has prepared $100 as a welcome bonus and lots of daily tournaments to attract players. RTP is 97.83%.
  3. Poker Stars. Here players can get $30 as a welcome bonus. For poker players are also available mobile casino and a wide range of banking options.
  4. Unibet. One of the biggest advantages of this casino is a wide game selection. We also need to mention large jackpots.

Now you know more about this popular game!

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